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Questions for Lori

What is your favorite thing to read?

The bible. I’d be lost without it. It always gives me something fresh and new no matter how many times I read it. And you can own as many copies of it as you want without people thinking you’re weird. Try doing that with Harry Potter.

What’s the most important thing you have learned in your travels?

When hiking in the mountains, always check the forecast for yourself. And just because the jacket looks rainproof, doesn’t mean it is.

What is the most distressing thing you have learned about yourself in the past year?

I’m not an introvert. I’m an ambivert. Who knew! My life is a constant battle between wanting to go to the party and wanting to hide in a cave. I want you to want to talk to me, but please don’t actually do it!

What question do you get asked most often?

Have you washed any socks lately?

What question do you dislike hearing?

What have you published so far? I’m trying people! For Pete sake, I never even learned how to type. This takes time. You don’t just pop out a book overnight. Well maybe you do if you’re a genius or something, and actually took typing lessons.

What question do you wish more people would ask?

Which flavor of Dairy Queen Blizzard can we bring you today?

Why do you write?

I love words and I love people. I love making people laugh. I want them to be encouraged and inspired. I love their stories of hope and redemption, and I think the world would be a better place if we all knew those stories and took them to heart.

With one foot always in a parallel universe, Lori is an adventuring soul with a home keeping heart. She fell in love with words and story in between the pages of The Little House on Prairie stories. She grew up reading Nancy Drew mysteries and Louis L’Amour westerns, dreaming she, too, was a heroine capable of saving the day.

Sadly, Lori can’t do a single push up, has no sense of direction, has terrible aim with a gun, and is scared of…well, lots of things.

You know what they say…those who can’t do, make up stories about it instead!

Lori lives in the small Texas town with her husband, two dogs and a cat, wondering where the time went as she watches her grown twins begin their own journeys through life. When not writing, reading, exploring history, making dinner for friends or family, or traveling with her husband, you will most likely not find Lori cleaning house or pinning craft ideas on Pinterest. You may, however, find her serving in the Called to Change prison ministry or spending time laughing and enjoying the company of her friends.

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As a Christian writer, speaker, and blogger, I use my love of stories, words, and people to serve Him.


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