Why Not to Make a New Year’s Resolution

New Year, New You…let the journey begin, right? But when did making (and subsequently breaking) new year’s resolutions become a thing? And if statistically speaking, very few of these resolutions are ever kept, why do we keep making them?

According to historians, the ritual of making resolutions at the beginning of a new year can be traced back to the ancient Babylonians over 4000 years ago. This leads me to wonder what the world might be like if people had managed to keep even half of the resolutions that have been made. Were ancient people better at keeping their resolutions? Are we failing at such a significantly high percentage because we are getting lazier, less disciplined? I mean, if people have been experiencing new year’s resolution failure for thousands of years, it seems like at some point we would stop it.

Maybe the appeal of the New Year’s Resolution comes not from tradition, but from an innate love of adventure that is hard wired into our souls by the One who created us. We want to explore what life would be like if we accomplished this thing. We have great hope that the journey will lead us to a better life. We are wandering souls in search, not of the mountain top, but the thrill of adventure along the way. Our pulse sparks to unknown paths and the new things they can show us. Our mind races over mysteries to explore and discoveries to be made.

Resolution…the word sounds like something requiring work. Maybe what we need to make instead, are travel arrangements. Pick a journey, a destination for where you’d like to be on December 31st and plot your course, remembering that getting there should be part of the fun.

So in recognition of the abysmal success rate of the New Year’s Resolution, and in honor of my God-given spirit of adventure, this year there will be no resolutions. Instead, there will be plans for journeys to take, mysteries to explore, and discoveries to make.

I’ll share my 2018 list of journeys with you in a few days. Until then, I’d love to hear about any resolutions you made they ended up taking you somewhere you didn’t plan to go.

Remember, Christopher Columbus may have set out with the resolution of finding a new route to India. But his journey didn’t take him there. Instead he discovered America. Not a bad trade-off, but it wouldn’t have happened if he didn’t first make a decision to go somewhere.


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