There Are No Buts in the Land of Milk and Honey

I enjoy traveling, but maybe not as much as the Israelites.

When offered passage into the Promised Land, they chose instead to wander in the wilderness for forty years. I’d like to see the travel brochure for that excursion.

In Numbers 13 we read the account of the spies who were sent into Canaan to scout out the

land—this land of milk and honey. When they reported back, they gave a glowing description even the Canaan Chamber of Commerce would have been proud of. It was everything they had been told it would be.

And what did they do next?

To state it simply, all the spies except two—Joshua and Caleb—thought only of their buts.

The land is beautiful and bountiful, but the people are giants, but the cities are fortified, but they look at us like we are grasshoppers.

God gave them the Promised Land and they gave him their buts.

And just to be clear, not a one of those buts made it into the Promised Land. They all died wandering in the wilderness.

What is your land of milk and honey? What is the beautiful and bountiful place God is calling you to?

For me it is writing. I love to write. I love God. I love the time I spend with God creating and exploring thoughts and stories. I think of this love of writing—not necessarily the ability to write well, but the passion for writing and the delight it gives me—as a gift from God—my land of milk and honey. It just doesn’t get much better than that.

But… I’m fifty years old and that’s kinda old to be starting this.

But… I don’t have any formal training in writing or communication.

But… I’m not as good as… (so many names to choose from here!)

But… they tell me I need to have a platform. But I’ll have to learn to market and use social media.

Then I look to Matthew 14:16-18 where Jesus feeds the crowd of 5000. The disciples focused on what they didn’t have. They didn’t have enough to feed that many people. They also didn’t have anywhere they could go to get more. Jesus told them to feed the people and they responded with something like ‘we would, but...'

So Jesus told them to bring him what they did have, and he took it and multiplied it until it was more than enough.


I want to write and now I’m fifty years old. I have fifty years of wisdom and experience, and stories of really dumb things I’ve done to draw on for whatever I write.

I want to write, and there are so many ways available for me to learn… podcasts, books, conferences.

I want to write. I need a platform and I get to build a community of friends I might otherwise never have met.

You see God already knows all of our buts. It’s what we tell ourselves that matters.

A question from Max Lucado sticks with me. “Aren’t there more who need the truth than those who tell it?”

I wonder who’s going unfed because we only see what we don’t have?

My final thought (and you’ll want to write this down or tweet it) …if your but is keeping you out of the land of milk and honey, put it behind you.

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