A Reset for Your Mind and Spirit

I'm excited to welcome this post by my talented daughter, Emily Dehm. She loves traveling almost as much as she loves the Lord. Best of all, she loves capturing her thoughts and experiences on paper so that she might share the blessings with others. Enjoy!

“Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in this world.”

~ Gustav Flaubert

The author, Emily, stopping to capture a spectacular sunset somewhere along the road.

I have a traveling heart, a desire to see the creations that God handmade and breathed into life. To hike through the evergreens and aspens, to hear the wind whisper through the pines, to feel the frigid river rush over my warm, unsuspecting toes. Or, to squish hot beach sand between my sunburned feet, letting chilly waves crash into me. The art of simply traveling, seeing, wandering, absorbing.

Growing up, I was very blessed to have the desires of travel satisfied. My parents began bringing me to what would develop into my “happy place”, my little chunk of heaven earth-side. Every summer since I was four years old, I have sat in awe of these looming mountains, and reveled in how incredibly small I am in the grand scheme of things. Under the pure blue sky, surrounded by varying mountain heights, my heart feels home.

I told my husband when we rolled into town yesterday, windows down, hair a mess, that I feel closest to God in this tiny mountain town. And every year, I am so thankful I was introduced to this undisturbed beauty at such an early age. Not only did we travel here, we were able to go see multiple states, towns, and wonders of God’s creations.

There is something about traveling to different places, seeing different wonders of God, and appreciating these beautiful landscapes God has gifted us. As the quote above says, we occupy such small places on this earth.

But, we occupy incredibly large places in eternity.

You’re closeness to God may come through other avenues, but mine comes through the art of travel and witnessing all He has laid before us. It feels like a tiny taste of what our heavenly home must be like.

As we traveled, our family bond always grew stronger. There have been awe-inspiring sites I have witnessed with my mom, dad, brother, and now my husband as well. There have been perilous treks on a narrow saddleback with a daunting fall, and there has been laughter around the grill as we cook up dinner and play a round of Uno. I think finding your “happy place”, where your soul feels centered, and sharing it with your favorite people, is truly life-changing. It is like a reset for your mind and spirit.

As I sit here on the porch, watching the river dance in the sunlight peeking through the clouds, listening to the buzzing of hummingbirds, I can only imagine how glorious heaven must be. I’m so appreciative that God allows us such beauty in simple places, as well as an eternal home to look forward to as well. We are so undeserving of the raw beauty of the earth He created, and yet here I sit, in total awe of it all.

I am small, but my God is mighty, and traveling always reminds me of that simple truth. I hope you seek the environment that causes you to feel nearest to God, and joyful in your soul, and I pray you are able to visit that place often, and find new beauty each time.

Sunrise walk on the beach--the best time to find shells!

Emily started her own blog, My Cup of Care, when she was seventeen and blogs there about navigating through life as a young adult and a child of God. She loves the Lord above all else, but then her husband, reading, and mountain air…not always in the same order.

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