Bluebonnets and Impatience

Springtime in Texas brings blankets of bright blue spreading across the horizon. Our official state flower, the bluebonnet, makes its grand appearance. But the flowers coloring our hills and roadsides today grow from seeds planted last fall or sometimes even years before. If you understand Texas weather, you know that when I say fall; I mean late summer or perhaps early winter. Fall is a nice concept that lasts about a day and a half before we try summer again until winter takes over. But the point is, the seeds go into the ground—either planted by humans or by the seed pods dropping from mature plants—right before winter arrives. Winter—the long cold season where everything looks dead and nothing seems to grow. My life feels like winter sometimes. I know God has planted within me some meaning or purpose, but I feel like I’m in a dry, cold season where the seeds aren’t able to grow. I wonder why God has given me something to do that doesn’t seem possible for where I am at this time in my life.

But like the bluebonnet seed, there is purpose in the waiting. In the book, The Rock, the Road, the Rabbi, author Kathy Lee Gifford says, “But the wait isn’t idle time; the waiting period is our opportunity to be active and growing, which is why it is so important that we persevere.” The bluebonnet seed has a hard outer coat that must be broken down through decay and erosion in order to allow moisture in for germination. This quality also protects the plants during droughts, insuring that not all seeds will be ready at the same time or even in the same year. But no matter what we think we see or don’t see, there is transformation going on in the tiny seed.

Preparation and growth are occurring. We must all go through a season of preparation. This is still a time of germination and growth, even if it appears nothing is happening. It is not time to be idle, but a time to be open. Not a time to be angry, but a time to be available. Not a time to pout, but a time to persevere. Bluebonnets must germinate in the fall and grow through the winter. Only then can they manifest their unique and breath-taking glory.

Don’t be discouraged when you are in a winter season and feel as if nothing is happening. Wait expectantly and persevere through your winter, knowing your time to bloom is coming. And when you've been prepared and the conditions are right according to God’s timing, you will be arrayed in your own unique and breath-taking glory.

All the flowers of tomorrow are in the seeds of today and yesterday. ~Chinese Proverb

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