Pick Pock Proof Adventure Pants

While daydreaming through an outdoor clothing magazine, I ran across the ad for “Pick Pocket Proof Adventure Pants.” My first thought was ‘Oh, yeah! I’m in!’ My second thought was, ‘check the price’, followed by my third thought ‘I’m out.’ Adventure pants don’t come cheap!

I was also reminded of these words from Louis L’Amour in his book, Education of a Wandering Man:

“… I believe adventure is nothing but a romantic name for trouble. What people speak of as adventure is something nobody in his right mind would seek out, and it becomes romantic only when one is safely home.”

There is a lot of truth in that for me. Webster’s defines adventure as an undertaking usually involving danger and unknown risks. I don’t particularly like danger, even though I say I love adventure. Case in point: My husband talked me into going for a hike while in the mountains. There was a slight chance of rain, but ‘“I’ve checked the radar,” he said.’ It would only be about two hours’ worth of hiking. Sounds like fun… an adventure!

Only storms pop up quickly in the mountains and suddenly we were in a torrential downpour accompanied by small hail and much lightning. Now, it was no longer an adventure, but an ordeal, one in which I found myself questioning a certain six-foot four life choice I had made. The storm passed, leaving us cold and wet, and thankful once again (did I mention this is not the first time this has happened?). Only when I reached my Jeep parked at the trailhead did this change back to being an adventure. Maybe what I really like is just the romantic idea of adventure.

I do this with God a lot too. I pray to grow in my faith. Then I find myself struggling through some situation I don’t like, something that scares me or makes me feel too vulnerable. It’s only when I get on the other side of it, when the storm passes and the skies clear, that I can look back and see what He was doing. This was God growing my faith. Maybe I like the romantic idea of growing in my faith more than the actual process?

Life is an adventure… especially a Christian life…whether we want it to be or not. Make sure you put on your adventure pants and be ready!

In the meantime, if any one knows where I can find “lightning proof adventure pants,” that would be awesome!

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