Platform: Giving It Your All

A few weeks ago I posted a blog explaining why everyone—and I do mean everyone—has a platform. For better or worse, someone is always listening to what you say or watching what you do. Probably both. (Click here to read why you already have a platform)

To make the most of our opportunity to use our platform to bring God glory or reach His children, I have to remove my fig leaf of misguided humility—I’m just a nobody with nothing to say—and believe God has formed me and placed me exactly where and how He wants me. It is no accident or coincidence that I sit here capturing words on my computer to share with others.

As I have leaned into Him for guidance and understanding on the purpose of platform, He has taught me three valuable things that have changed my perspective and given me a reason to rejoice in the opportunity rather than resist the need.

The first thing I learned is that I must focus. I can’t be everywhere all the time.

Then after I have determined my focus, I need to invest in the people there. To invest means to commit to, get involved in emotionally, to add value, to seek to know others rather than seeking to make ourselves known. I invest wisely when I invest with love and sincerity in the lives of others.

Today I want to tell you the final thing of value that has changed my perspective about platform, and that is to give.

We should always give more than we take.

If we enter a group thinking only of what we can get out of it, we’ll miss out. No one wants to add another taker to their list of needy friends. Be willing to share. Yes share wisdom and knowledge, but also share encouragement. Share comfort. Share the small steps and the giant leaps. Share the victories and the losses. The greatest thing we can add to any group we choose to be a part of is a spirit of love.

In his letter to the Christians at the Church of Philippi, Paul says to “do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit, but in humility consider others better than yourselves” (see Philippians 2:3).

When we take a truly honest assessment of ourselves that’s really not a hard thing to do.

I have a friend who is diligent about sharing a bible verse on her social media every morning. I have another friend who is brilliant with “content curation.” She sends me helpful information and material relevant to my needs. And I have another friend who is always there to encourage and celebrate the things I share with my platform. All three are givers, each in their own unique way and each equally valuable to me. They have focused on who has needs they can meet. They have invested in getting to know me and what my needs are. And now they give in the ways that meet those known needs.

I like being included in their tribe or platform. And I want people to feel that way about being a part of mine. I want to give more than I take.

Platform isn’t a new and evil offspring of capitalization. And it isn’t something that only marketing professionals, politicians, and struggling authors have to deal with.

Everyone one of us has been given a platform and we can choose to use it to glorify God and build His Kingdom by building His children, or we can choose to tell ourselves that we are unworthy of having one. We can let the opportunity slip away, or worse be taken over by someone who won’t use it to serve the Lord.

We can be ruled by it or make it serve us by focusing our attention, invest in the people there, and always being willing to give more than we take.

Focus. Invest. Give.

Success in our tribes, no matter the type or purpose—or even if we wanted to have one—all depends on our willingness to a have a F.I.G. perspective.

How has you thoughts on platform changed recently?

In what ways can you use it to glorify God?

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