(It is my pleasure today to introduce you to my friend and fellow author, Kay DiBianca. A fascinating person to visit with (seriously--read her bio and see the diversity of subjects she can discuss with you), Kay weaves a delightful story in her book The Watch on the Fencepost. It is a tale full of mysterious clues and diverse characters you'll be eager to hang out with. Sprinkle in a hefty helping of suspense and some sweet, sometimes spicy, romance for a story I didn't want to put down.)

Guest post by Kay DiBianca

There’s a story about two cantankerous old, retired pilots who liked to go out flying together. They would rent a Cessna at a local airport and spend a couple of hours in the air, arguing about various aspects of piloting, from the best airspeed in turbulence to emergency procedures. They sat side-by-side in the dual-control cockpit, taking turns flying the plane.

One day, after a particularly contentious hour of flight, they brought the plane in for a landing. Touching down on the runway, the plane bounced wildly and jerked around before finally skidding to a stop. One of the old guys turned to the other and said, “That’s the worst landing you’ve ever made!”

The other looked back in shock and said, “Me? I thought you were flying the plane.”

[Pause for chuckles]


This little story may provide more wisdom than you think.

If you’re going to fly an airplane, there are a few things you need to pay attention to.

First, you better know who’s flying the plane. Having a friend or co-pilot to provide advice and guidance is great, but if you’re in charge, you’re at the controls, and nobody else is going to get you to your destination or land the plane safely.

But in order to get to that step, you have to know how to fly. Jumping in a plane and taking off without having been trained is a singularly bad idea.

And if you intend to get somewhere, you need to have a flight plan. That means knowing where you’re going and how you’re going to get there.

You have to be prepared for emergencies. Bad weather or mechanical problems can force you off course and require you to divert from your original plan. Handling unanticipated problems is part of the territory.


I tend to think of my writing in terms of flying.

I believe God has led me to this place in life to provide stories that are entertaining and reflective of His light. And I believe He has put me at the controls and expects me to use my intelligence and persistence to carry out the mission.

When I decided to write, I jumped into a word processor and assumed I could create a good novel. But it turned out I needed more than enthusiasm and a good story idea to succeed. I had to train myself on the craft of writing so my books would not just be written, but would be written WELL. Honing those skills is a never-ending process and I have a lot to learn.

Bad weather can come in the form of rejection letters or missing a word goal I set up for myself. But it’s important to put it behind me and go on.

I may be in the pilot’s seat, but I’m not alone in the plane. I rely on His guidance and advice through His Word to help me, and I believe He has equipped me to keep the wings level as each new story takes flight.

How do you view your partnership with God in your writing career?

Kay DiBianca holds an MS degree in computer science from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She has worked in the IT departments of several major corporations, including IBM, International Paper, and FedEx.

Kay is an instrument-rated pilot in single-engine aircraft, though she gave up flying a few years ago. In its place, she found new adventures in distance running, and she can often be found at a nearby track, on the treadmill, or at a large park near her home. She's completed four marathons, fifteen or so half-marathons, and an unknown number of shorter races.

Kay and her husband, Frank, are retired and live in Memphis, Tennessee. They are US representatives of Bridges for Peace, an international Christian organization, whose mission is to serve the people of Israel.

Kay’s first novel, The Watch on the Fencepost, was released in February 2019. You can connect with Kay through her website at https://kaydibianca.com.

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