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As a Christian writer, speaker, and blogger, I use my love of stories, words, and people to serve Him.


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What I'm Working On:

Forgiveness--both giving and receiving it--is the question my characters are dealing with in my current novel. The working title of this story is A Firm Place to Stand. 

Rural Texas has always been my home, and the setting and characters that inhabit it was a natural source of inspiration for me as I wrote. But recognizing the universal need to either be forgiven or to forgive inspired me even more.

And I had fun writing about legends of lost gold, flashfloods, and even snakes (face your fears, right?).

Now on to something new, writing the book proposal that might get me a contract with an agent! There's the real suspense story!

Check back in and I'll keep you posted on the adventures of my story as I dress him up in his best clothes and send him out to talk to strangers (a.k.a. agents).

What Else I'm Doing:

I am now a contributing writer for Arise Daily eDevotionals. **These will take the place of my weekly blogs for now, but the writing and content will be much the same. You can subscribe to their eDevotionals on their website, as well as find links to them here on mine.